About Marque’d

Marque’d help clients build authentic brands and resilient businesses. Clarity of purpose and values make possible brands that maintain an intentional stance toward a future of their making in an uncertain world. Marque’d brands achieve a consistency of success grounded in very deliberate action.

Marque’d provide strategic advice, brand development and management, and compelling design informed by key principles:

  • Values are the fundamental beliefs of all humans that inform individual choice. Values can operate as common denominators of understanding;
  • People have choice and we respect the consumer’s right to choose.

However, we intend consumers to have the clearest most compelling definition of what they are choosing. Marque’d assist the consumer in understanding why they choose our brands.

Working with Marque’d, clients achieve significant long-term ends with strategies that base action in thousands of years of revealed learning. In a world that is ultimately unknowable, long-term success depends on a resilience that anticipates change. The principals of Marque’d formally integrate academic research and development into their practice in the areas of design, economics, and philosophy.

Marque’d is led by founders Jacqui Porch and Andrew Scobie who have experience managing entrepreneurial brands, design and strategy in Australia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Europe for over 25 years.

Cohesive multidisciplinary brands, designs and strategies have been executed in the tourism and hospitality, FMCG, food and beverage, education and training, logistics and storage, advanced engineering, cosmetics and skin care sectors.

Marque’d Founders


Andrew has managed and chaired companies with explicit intent to commercialise proprietary research and development in design, technology, and systems, as well as, consumer and business brands. Andrew has a long history of involvement in public policy, industry and academic research in Australia, the European Union and the United Kingdom.  Andrew has been author, commissioning agent, director, and collaborator on more than 30 reports in recent times.

Andrew holds a Bachelor or Economics, A Master of Design from UTS, and is currently conducting PhD research in Economics.

Connect with Andrew HERE


Jacqui has 20 years experience in brand, marketing and food businesses, from slow food restaurants to commercial production for FMCG channels. Her experience in FMCG has focused primarily on infant formula brand and marketing for Australia and Asia, as well as the cosmetics and skincare sectors. Formally educated in architectural design and principles with a degree in environmental design, strong analytical thinking and creative problem solving distinguish Jacqui’s work with clients.

Connect with Jacqui HERE

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