ECO. Launches Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray


Marque’d are delighted to support ECO. Modern Essentials with their launch of Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray as part of ECO.’s Active direction.

As a brand with values centered on active and healthy living, and general wellbeing, ECO. has been very focused on strengthening its offer in response to the needs of its really active followers. ECO. exists to support people who face all the challenges of living a full and engaged life – and that can mean aches and pains.

Sore muscles and joint pain are the perfectly natural consequence of people being active enough to be healthy. It is a real problem felt by people everyday. The options for relief and recovery range from drug based painkillers to foam rolling. However, when recent research says even paracetamol – doctors’ most commonly recommended back pain relief – is completely ineffectual consumers have good reason to be concerned about side effects and effectiveness of all the available options (ref). Active people have every reason to want a fast acting, easy to use and cost effective natural solution for relief and recovery. The market is large and ready for things that simply work and can be supported by solid science.

This year ECO. launched Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray to fantastic reviews. And the reasons for that great consumer acceptance are simple and supported by the science. After vitamin D, Magnesium is considered to be the second most common deficiency in modern populations. Magnesium is proven to act in a number of critical ways to bring relief and aid recovery. On skeletal muscle Magnesium is anti-inflammatory, a relaxant, and it is essential for normal muscle function and recovery. It also acts on joint and nerve pain for people of all ages.

The packaging design is intended to be visually striking with an intensity that relates to the purpose of the product. It is designed to convey the warmth generated in muscular workouts, but is also elegant and artful with dramatic but real imagery on the front. The yoga pose captured is probably aspirational for everyone except the most amazing followers of ECO. That said, ECO. isn’t shy about being a brand for people with aspirations. It sees itself as actively enabling people to become the best version of themselves. And everyone who is committed to that challenge knows that it takes work and it will inevitably include aches, pains and strains.

A bit about Magnesium

As you would expect for an essential mineral, Magnesium is active in a number of vital biological functions it is significant in aiding calcium adsorption, balancing hormones and improving mood and energy levels. Low levels of Magnesium are also indicated for raised blood pressure and reduced insulin sensitivity. So maintaining sufficient Magnesium levels are a contributor to managing body composition.

Despite being an essential dietary mineral however, Magnesium isn’t well absorbed by the digestive system. Large doses of Magnesium taken orally can have unwanted digestive side effects. Thankfully, topical delivery has two real benefits, absorption is optimized and local application means relief is direct and specific. Combined with a unique blend of pure essential oils, ECO. Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray includes Black Pepper Oil, Pink Grapefruit Oil, Thyme Oil and Marjoram Oil that are proven to increase circulation and aid in the relief of muscle soreness.

Recovery Magnesium Oil Spray was designed to meet the needs of the core brand consumer while celebrating the reward of accomplishment from putting in 100% one day to the next.

Find ECO. Recovery HERE

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